The Blue Scarf

Genre: Documentary film
Duration: 52 minutes
Production: MNB/Tibet Foundation
Authors: Phuntsog Wangyal/Gilles Blaize
Director: Gilles Blaize
Year: 2008

1st broadcast: MNB, Summer 2008

Synopsis: Mongolia, since Kublai Khan and the Mongolian dynasty of the Yuan in China, is one of the only countries in the world to have chosen Tantric Tibetan Buddhism as a state religion. A tradition that has undergone systematic destruction under the Soviet regime. Today, Mongolia is emerging in the modern world, a capitalist, globalized, multicultural and multi-religious world. Faced with new challenges, the Mongols are trying to regain their roots. And when Tibetan Buddhism is in danger in Tibet, Mongolia could become its refuge. This is the story of The Blue Scarf, a documentary film co-produced by Tibet Foundation and Mongolian National Television, and narrated by British documentary filmmaker Michaël Wood.


The DVD of the film is available by contacting directly Tibet Foundation.