The Sun rises at Brest

Genre : Documentary
Duration: 52 minutes
Production : Bleu Iroise / TébéoTébéSudTVR
Director : Gilles Blaize
Music : Dryden Hawkins
Image : Christian Roche
Drone : Mook Productions

Summary: They are called Boubarkar, Mamadou, Ildi, and are among these unaccompanied minors, without family or relatives, taken care of in Brest by the Finistère Departmental Council. Engaged in a real time trial, these young people must learn in one or two years the codes of a new culture, a new language and obtain a qualifying training, the only condition to hope to obtain at their majority the precious residence permit.
This film is attached to their daily life. Haunted by a traumatic past, that of the migratory journey, and suspended to an uncertain future, they resolutely cling to the present to build here and now a new life.