Warping On Water

Genre: Experimental films series
Duration: 7 X 8 minutes (about)
Production: Mook Productions
Directors: Julien Tréfouël & Gilles Blaize
Paintings: Aldous Eveleigh
Music: Dryden Hawkins (from The Loved One)
Year: 2011

Synopsis: Warping one Water is a documentary and experimental series, made in seven chapters. It offers you an original, intriguing and penetrating vision of one of the most historical cities in the world: Istanbul.
Aldous Eveleigh is English, painter and traveler. Aldous likes navigating between waters of the reality and the illusion, and revealing what we do not perceive. In Istanbul, in this city between two continents, between two seas, between to ages, Aldous and his duet of filmmakers, guided by the mysterious Deniz, at the pace of Dryden Hawkins’s music, takes us into a visual and sonic odyssey in seven chapters, where the streets of the ancient Byzantine and Ottoman city, its people and its cultures reveal themselves as you have never seen them.