Call of the Snow Lion

Genre: Web documentary series
Duration: 8 X 13 minutes (about)
Production: Tibet Foundation
Authors: Phuntsog Wangyal/Gilles Blaize
Director: Gilles Blaize
Year: 2010

Synopsis: At the end of 2010, Phuntsog Wangyal, founding trustee of the British NGO Tibet Foundation, Samdup Tsering and Gilles Blaize travelled accross India to reveal the situation of the Tibetans in Exile. Every 4 or 5 days of the trip, they broadcasted almost live the daily life of these Tibetans through a series of films of around 12 minutes that go straight to the existence of a monk, an artiste, a student, and also a traditional doctor or a guerrilla’s veteran. Each episode catches a glimpse of this thrilling community and uncover the complexity between tantric Buddhism and modern life, theocracy and democracy, and resignation and determination.


The DVD is available by directly contacting Tibet Foundation.